Gateway Power Point Presentations

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I’ve Purchased Gateway©, Now What?

This presentation suggests strategies that help professionals and parents to select of the most appropriate User Vocabulary and grid size. Tools and strategies for assessment and language intervention are provided. Tips for introducing and teaching core vocabulary are included.

Do All Roads Lead to Communicative Competence?

This session was designed as a parent presentation for Camp Chatterbox 2015. Participants will understand the components of communicative competence, become familiar with a range of AAC tools and approaches and understand some of the key components of AAC system selection.

Getting to Know Gateway©

This presentation provides an overview of Gateway to Language and Learning. It details the platforms where Gateway is available and the user vocabularies and arrangements for each platform. The key features of each vocabulary are described highlighting user abilities and goals.

Test of Aided-Communication Symbol Performance©

This session presents the rationale for use of the TASP describes the subtests included as a part of this assessment tool. It demonstrates how test results can be used to guide the design of communication displays, select an appropriate communication device and page sets and establish appropriate intervention goals for symbolic and syntactic development.

LanguageDevelopment and Disorders in AAC: Translating Knowledge into Practice Part 1

Providing appropriate intervention programs for children who use AAC requires a strong background in language development and language disorders. In Part 1 of this session, participants will learn how to apply their knowledge of language development and assessment to the design and fabrication of appropriate communication displays. (ASHA Convention Presentation 2004)

Language Development and Disorders in AAC: Translating Knowledge into Practice Part 2

Part 2 of this session addresses issues related to language delay vs. language disorder in AAC with the goal of enabling participants to establish appropriate intervention goals for symbolic, language and pragmatic development. Case studies are used to differentiate AAC users exhibiting a language delay from those with a language disorder. (ASHA Convention Presentation 2004)

Using Gateway© to Direct the Course of Spoken & Written Communication and Classroom Participation

This session addresses a range of variables impacting AAC intervention to facilitate spoken and written communication and to enhance classroom participation. A case example is used to highlight effective strategies that enable a student to master core curriculum competencies.

Speech ... Language ...

Pathway to Spoken and Written Communication

This session was designed as a parent presentation for Camp Chatterbox 2015. Participants will develop and understanding of the difference between speech, language and communication. Some of the competencies for spoken and written communication for the primary grades are presented. Implications for AAC goals and performance are highlighted.