Gateway for Snap by Tobii Dynavox

If the candidate used Gateway with a prior AAC system, purchasing Gateway is the most appropriate option.  Those new to Proloquo2Go need to consider the strengths and limitations of each program.

Gateway© is one of the most efficient AAC Apps available and it is simple to learn. The ability to access vocabulary using an average of < 1.5 key selections per word is a hallmark of Gateway's organizational structure.

Gateway incorporates features such as Sentence Development Links, Semantic Power Strips and Dynamic Morphology to facilitate language development for children enhance the efficiency of message generation for advanced communicators.

Gateway Page Sets

Gateway for Snap offers 7 Page Sets:

o     Child Functional,

o     Teen/Adult Functional,

o     Child Language and Learning,

o     Advanced Communicator,

o     Text,

o     Pro

o     Scan Pro

Each user vocabulary targets a different set of user abilities and goals and contains high frequency core and fringe vocabulary relevant to the targeted population.  An associated set of theme pages, matches leisure, educational and recurring conversational needs.  

     (a) Child Functional is designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who benefit from a functionally oriented core vocabulary and a sensory-based fringe vocabulary.  HOME and SCHOOL CORE pages seamlessly link relevant topical vocabulary. Sentence Development Links facilitate multi-word messages. Theme pages promote communication in educational and play activities.  Grid sizes include - 3*3, 4*5, 5*6, 5*8, 6*10, 8*10 and 9*11.  

     (a) Teen/Adult Functional is designed for individuals with limitations in expressive language abilities who generate multi-word messages but have difficulty using correct word order and/or adding word endings. Vocabulary supports communication related to ADL's and sensory needs. Sentence Development Links facilitate multi-word messages.  Theme pages promote communication across a range of educational, leisure and community-based activities.  Grid sizes: 3*3, 4*5, 5*6, 5*8, 6*10, 8*10 and 9*11.

     (c) Child Language and Literacy is designed for children following the typical sequence of language development who need access to an efficient core vocabulary.  HOME CORE supports communication for needs, wants and social interaction.  SCHOOL CORE mirrors the HOME core and enables efficient access to academic pages.  Semantic Power Strips eliminate scrolling, expand vocabulary and provide quick access to semantically related vocabulary.  THEME pages support language development in school, play and social activities.  Grid sizes include: 3*3, 4*5, 5*6, 5*8, 6*10, 8*10 and 9*11.

     (d) Advanced Communicator and the Text are designed for individuals with advanced expressive language skills.  Vocabulary is typically organized alphabetically to enable efficient word retrieval.  Includes vocabulary found in middle and high school word lists.   Efficient organization results in an average keystrokes of < 1.3 hits per word.  The Text page set replicates the contents of the Advanced Communicator Level but without symbols.  Contains five grid sizes ranging 5*8, 6*10, 8*10, and to 9*11.

     (e) Gateway Pro and Scanning Gateway Pro are designed for literate individuals who prefer to use spelling with word prediction as their primary mode of communication.  Main page contains the alphabet, high frequency core words and folders to access fringe vocabulary.  Efficient organization – average keystrokes < 1.3 hits per word.  Vocabulary is organized alphabetically to enable more efficient word retrieval.  Grid size is 11*13

How to Purchase Gateway© for Snap by Tobii Dynavox, LLC?

Snap is available in three different formats.

(1) Snap comes pre-loaded on select Tobii Dynavox devices (  

(2) Snap as a standalone app for an iPad

(3) Snap is a standalone app for a Windows device (

You must purchase or the Snap App befo re you can purchase Gateway.  A 60-day free trial or Gateway for Snap ( is available for up to 2 devices.

Once you own a copy of Snap, follow the in-App purchase procedures listed to download the Gateway User Page Sets.  

The Cost of Gateway for Snap - $149.99 + tax